Points, Levels, Leaderboards

The goal of the points/levels system is to give you a way to track your weekly progress (points!), and provide an idea of how well you're progressing toward making fitness a new habit in your life (levels).

At the end of each week (Sunday midnight night) the OWLympics website checks your points for the week and - if you've gotten 500 (or more!) points - moves you up a level. When you log in on Monday morning, you'll see your new current level and a new weekly points score of 0... which is an invitation to start fresh, work toward your goal(s), and - if you're so inclined - try and climb the weekly leaderboards! 

All reporting is honor system based. We trust you completely. 

Earning points

Three principle parameters determine how many points you receive for a given activity:
  1. Intensity
  2. Duration
  3. Workout companions
Each of these elements impacts both the benefit of a given workout, and the likelihood that you will succeed in achieving your goals.

1. Intensity

  • Low   (<60% of max heart rate)
    * You have no noticeable changes in your breathing pattern
    * You don't break a sweat (unless it's very hot or humid)
    * You can easily carry on a full conversation or even sing

  • Medium   (60-80% of max heart rate)
    * Your breathing quickens, but you aren't out of breath
    * You develop a light sweat after about 10 minutes of activity
    * You can carry on a conversation, but can't sing

  • High   (>80% of max heart rate)
    * Your breathing is deep and rapid
    * You develop a sweat after a few minutes of activity
    * You can't say more than a few words without pausing for breath
There are multiple ways to calculate your maximum heart rate. We recommend the following simple formula 
HRmax = 220 - age.

2. Duration

The human body does best with at least five workouts every week. We've designed a points system to help you achieve fitness using 5x/week as the goal. 

Recommended minimum workout duration:
  • Low   (<60% of max heart rate)
    45 minutes (worth 100 points)

  • Medium   (60-80% of max heart rate)
    30 minutes (worth 100 points)

  • High   (>80% of max heart rate)
    20 minutes (worth 100 points)
Doing 5 workouts per week, regardless of the activity type or intensity, will let you reach the recommended 500 points.

3. Workout Companions

Habits work best when developed socially. For all of your workouts done as part of a group - whether just with a friend or with an entire team - you'll get a 10 point bonus.


The OWLympics level system is designed to reward you for regularly meeting your goals. Every week you reach the 500 point minimum, you'll move up a level. Levels are calculated on Sunday at midnight - you must enter workouts before then for them to count for the weekly total!

When you reach level 3, there will be a prize. Level 7, which will correspond to consistent participation and (hopefully) the development of a fun new fitness habit, will come with a slightly larger reward... in addition to a healthier body! And finally, there will be a bigger Level 12 award. The awards are only for those who commit to the program with $5. But otherwise, the use of the website and program participation is completely free.

The level system is designed to reflect your progression toward a fitter lifestyle. As you make your goals, it reflects that. Missing a week, however, will result in a single level decrease - much like fitness, your level will either be increasing or decreasing. If you've made most of your workouts, but don't quite make it to 500+ points, you'll remain the same level for the following week.

Level summary:
   0-249 points : results in a level drop 
   250-499 points : you keep the same level   <-- maintenance mode
   500+ points : you increase a level to reflect meeting your weekly goals!


The leaderboards are designed to let you, if you chose, engage in friendly competition both within your trusted group of workout companions, and between your group and other groups.

The leaderboards are calculated based on points for the current week. If you missed one week, you're not behind - you can jump in and compete again! Also, just because you topped the charts last week, you don't get to rest on your laurels this week!

The ultimate goal of the OWLympics is to help you develop fitness as a personal habit, but a little competition can make the choice to hit the gym a little easier.


  1. Q: What if my workout lasts longer than the recommended duration?
    A: You'll receive points scaled to the duration of your workout. For example, if you do a medium intensity workout (worth 100 points per 30 minutes) and your workout lasts 45 minutes, you'll receive 150 points.

  2. Q: Can you give me the points in equation format?
    A: Yes. Points =  (100 points) x (workout time / recommended time) + (10 points if social)
    If you've engaged in an activity with mixed intensities, then you'll receive the sum of the points for each intensity. You can only get those 10 social bonus points once per workout, though! 

Have a question that isn't answered here? Please contact the OWLympics crew at owlympics.feedback@gmail.com!