Old notes

OLD NOTES (To be moved somewhere else)
  • We should hold an ECE-exclusive public meeting to kick-off and explain the program. 
  • I have an idea on how to "reveal" the program during the meeting.
  • Everyone can register after the kickoff and collect a t-shirt. 
  • It will be great if the advertisements are "cryptic" and get people curious 
    • "One ECE student claims that the boot camp has boosted her paper output. Curious?" 
    • "Can you learn to swim when you are 38?"
    •  .... Need more ideas here to build a buzz with seemingly unrelated ideas, all converging to the main concept of "fitness as a habit"
  • Some messages could be different languages and cultures - chinese, spanish, farsi, hindi, ...
  • We need to attract people of all fitness levels and age groups with our advertising