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Launch Prep Meeting (1/14/2013)

posted Jan 14, 2013, 2:51 PM by Jingwen Bai   [ updated Jan 14, 2013, 2:53 PM by Mark Knight ]
  1. Emily Page
  2. Ashu 
  3. Mark
  4. Jingwen


Mention that usernames can be whatever people want, and not linkable directly to person.

Mention that this is a SOCIAL fitness program.

In the survey, require which week of the program they're entering. A new user would be Week 1.

On survey - add "skip logic" to avoid the "why don't you exercise" question if people exercise enough.

MARK - make webpage
1) Create an account on the tracking website (registration page - includes liability waiver)
Include PAR-Q questions - if you answer YES to ANYTHING, stop and see your doctor prior to proceeding with the program.
2) Take the fitness assessment (will include consent to take assessment)
3) Register for the program with Lisa E.B. : cost $5 *cash*

For website:
 By creating an account on this website you agree to the Terms of Service.

Launch Party
Ask audience to create skits to address excuses:
 * I have no time
 * I forgot my gym bag
 * Motivation buddies Question: How do you stay active?

Use each skit as a discussion opener - "I have no time"... "Question: how do YOU make time?"

Ask that the committee brings their stuff! Bikes, balls, rackets, yoga mat,etc. Dress for the event under your street clothes.

Changing into workout clothes contest.

"If you can fit this meeting into your day, you can fit exercise into your day"

 * Ashu + Emily: complete and submit IRB by Tuesday evening
 * Emily: add skip logic to the survey, add consent to take assessment
 * Mark: develop language for registration website waiver
 * Hang: add liability waiver language to the website
 * Oscar: complete, print, display posters - mention FREE FOOD!
 * Oscar: prepare an email invitation, ask if BA can send it.
 * Mark: send email asking people to do skits. Pairs: Surbhi + Jingwen (Gym bag?),   BA + Ashu (No Time!),   Mark + Nate Hogan (Motivation!)
 * Mark: ask Hang if there's any chance to add groups, talk to M.D.