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Notes from Update Meeting #1

posted Nov 26, 2012, 11:12 AM by Ashutosh Sabharwal
The group we'll target is ECE + friends and family

Committee members present:
  • Ashu
  • Sam
  • Eva
  • Oscar
  • Chad
  • Jingwen
  • Hang
  • Aida
  • Rajoshi
  • Carrie
  • Surbhi

Things we need to figure out:
  • Website
    • explain program
    • track points
    • Sections: "looking for an exercise buddy", "willing to mentor" - allow people to add themselves
  • Launch Party - Carrie + Aida
  • Publicity:
    • Recruitment - signup sheet, other details?
    • Registration: get a detailed description of their current state and goals:
      goal definition, list of things you already do, list of things you want to try, initial fitness test
  • Group formation - suggest group goals
    • mentoring component to help achieve goals
  • Tracking progress - points system to promote both the personal and social elements of working out
    • personal goals
    • competitive among groups
    • Carrie suggests: provide sample goals to get people started. Ashu suggests everyone on the planning committee contribute 3,4 goals. Goals can be either getting better at something, OR learning something new
  • OWLympics - end of semester
    • Plan during the semester by polling participants
  • Can we get digital IRB consent? 
  • Carrie - should the program expand to include both physical and mental well being? 

To-do items:
  1. For all: contribute ideas for personal/group goals (getting together, learning new material)
  2. Logo - Eva will take lead
  3. T-shirt design - Eva
  4. Website - Hang, Mike D.
  5. IRB - Rajoshi + Ashu + Surbhi
  6. Web material 
  7. Publicity - Oscar
  8. Points system - Jingwen, Rajoshi
  9. Mentoring - Mark, Sam
    1. Sam - suggests that the OWLympics committee contacts clubs & requests clinics, then has the responsibility for actually hosting goes to the specific student club
    2. Surbhi - mentors should be people who can just help you try something out without 'looking dumb' or being confused
  10. Group goals - Chad, Aida

Points system
  1. Names on the leaderboard: only thing visible publicly is points, not activities
  2. Questions:
    1. What is visible to others? Make this an option.
    2. Do you want to see the leaderboard? Make it an option.
  3. Points assignment to groups:
  4. Level up! Points can move you up! To another arbitrary level!