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Planning Meeting (1/3/2013)

posted Jan 4, 2013, 1:11 PM by Mark Knight
  • Ashu 
  • Rajoshi
  • Mark

Status: done
Person: Bob Zheng
See file attached to this page (owls_rings.png)

Website - critical to mission success!
Status: incomplete - requires design and testing
Person: Hang Yu

Used for logging, tracking - critical for the program. 

Before it can be used, requires updates to:
  • Navigation
  • Points system
Possibly useful to have Dietz and Hang work together to complete? Mark will follow up with Hang.

Status: almost complete, only fine tuning needed
Person: Jingwen (Rajoshi, Jingwen, Mark, and Ashu can all edit if necessary)

Rajoshi developed the original survey, and has made revisions. All we need to do at this point is get input from Emily and make revisions. 

Awards - new addition to the program
Status: still being planned
Person: Mark, Rajoshi, Ashu

Instead of giving away t-shirts just for signing up, we'll use them as an incentive. If you reach level 3 in the program - which means 3 weeks with 500 pts each - then you can earn a customized OWLympics logo mug either free, or for a minimal price. Whether we charge will depend on funding availability. 

Level 7 gets you a t-shirt, either free or for a price - hopefully free if funding permits.

Facebook Group
Status: done
Person: Mark

Facebook group created. Will start getting people involved this way, and add link to the OWLympics website.

Status: not started
Person: Lisa E.B.

Lisa will handle collection of participation fee.

Launch Meeting
Status: planning in progress
Person: Ashu

This meeting should be conversational, and no one person should dominate. People should get to be their own experts, and feel they are designing their own program. 

For posting on the website, we may want a conference room with the ability to do 3D recording - Ashu will look into this.

Points System
Status: done
Person: Rajoshi & Jingwen

Parameters: time + intensity + # of people
Intensity: high, medium, low (with a plain English description of what these mean)
Low: 45 minutes (100 points)
Medium: 30 minutes (100 points)
High: 20 minutes (100 points)

Ideal is 45 minutes/day, so goal is 500 points/week minimum.

Levels: Missing a week (or failing to meet the minimum goal) drops you a level. Each successfully completed week increases you by one level. Each increased level gives a 10 point bump per level.

Doing the activity socially gives you a 10 pt bump.

Equation: (10 points if social) + (time / recommended time) * 100 points * (1+(level-1)*(0.1))
Mark Knight,
Jan 4, 2013, 1:11 PM
Mark Knight,
Jan 4, 2013, 1:11 PM