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Update Meeting #2

posted Dec 10, 2012, 10:59 AM by Mark Knight
  • Mark Knight
  • Surbhi Lal
  • Oscar B.
  • Hang Yu
  • Rajoshi B.
  • Carrie T.
  • Ashu S. (via Skype)
  • Jingwen

Full IRB review not needed according to Emily Page, so we don't have to worry about the deadline. Whew!
Ashu thinks we should fill out the IRB forms anyway, though, just to make sure we're doing things by the book. Part of this is submitting the initial questionnaire, consent forms to the IRB. Key: what information is visible? Database security/privacy is important to building trust.

Wrote up a full description of the OWLympics under "OWLympics: The Exercise Habit" - people should read this, review it, make comments, etc.

Suggestion: replace "points" with plain minutes
Have the same goal for everyone: 45 minutes, 5 days/week

Rajoshi - one size fits all approach to goal doesn't necessarily work, for ex. if you're primarily a runner then 45 min/day doesn't work.

Rajoshi & Jingwen - points system idea
Parameters: time + intensity + # of people
Intensity: high, medium, low (provide a plain English description of what these mean)
Low: 45 minutes (100 points)
Medium: 30 minutes (100 points)
High: 20 minutes (100 points)

Ideal is 45 minutes/day, so goal is 500 points/week

Regular attendance at the gym: bumps you to the next level
Increased levels give a 10 point bump per level

The time levels are minimums due to scientific support for needing given time spans to achieve change in the body.

Ashu - have levels bump up

Mark - have level = number of consecutive weeks with 500+ points. Have a countdown on the website corresponding to your next level upgrade

Oscar - we need to make this as easy as possible to input information into the system

Carrie - suggest fitness apps
Ashu - these are useful because the help move away from subjective measures of intensity

Hang - report on the website